The hospitality industry is full of fun, but sometimes good times can turn bad, and that’s why Hospitality Insurance Agency is here to help. If a patron leaves your establishment and causes harm to themselves or someone else, like in a drunk driving accident, the bartender or server who poured their drinks can potentially be liable in a lawsuit for over serving.  While the establishment is protected against these kinds of lawsuits with their own liability insurance, individual bartenders and servers are often not. So Hospitality Insurance Agency is proud to offer another exciting new service to our clients in the Hospitality industry: server insurance, also known as bartender insurance.

We all know how difficult it can be to make the decision whether or not to serve someone.  It’s busy, loud and dark, and you only have about 30 seconds to observe them, speak to them to try and see if they have slurred speech, look for blood shot eyes and coordination issues. In the event a patron is overserved and is involved in any type of accident where damages occur, a server of alcohol may be found guilty in civil court if they are proven to have done one of two things;

  1. Served the patron to the point of intoxication which is measured by Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). The current legal limit is .08%.
  2. Served a visibly intoxicated patron or a patron whose blood alcohol content is already .08% any alcohol at all. Just one drink to a person who is already intoxicated or at .08% BAC is deemed illegal.

Server or bartender insurance can help protect you, personally, in any lawsuits resulting from over serving allegations.  One split-second decision could result in legal fees, defense costs and judgments being levied against your personal property.  Just like you have car insurance, homeowner’s or apartment insurance and health insurance to protect yourself, shouldn’t you also have servers liability insurance?

We invite you to learn more about the policies Hospitality Insurance Agency is offering through the Servers Insurance plan, including the benefits and eligibility requirements.  Once you learn more about the plan, it couldn’t be easier to apply for our affordable server insurance, and with an easy online application and purchase, you can quickly be covered and protected against over serving allegations.