FAQ With Our President,
Pike Barber

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself

“I got into this industry through ‘hereditary insanity.’ My grandfather started this agency in 1948, and we have evolved continually from there. A lot of what I do is build relationships in the hospitality industry—and these are all fun people. At Hospitality Insurance Agency, we have a successful recipe of mixing business and pleasure.”

Coverage Specialties

Hospitality Insurance Agency specializes in General Liability; Liquor Liability; Assault and Battery, Property coverage to include wind coverage in coastal areas; Workers Compensation; (PEO) Preferred Employers Organization, Payroll ; Flood; Auto/Valet liability (including auto physical damage), Limo/Shuttle Buss, Umbrella/excess liability; Employee Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI); Health

Years in the Business

Hospitality Insurance Agency has been in business since 1948, with eight years specializing in insurance coverage for the hospitality industry.


Why the Hospitality Industry?

“In general Hospitality Insurance Agency likes insuring everything ‘hospitality’: adult clubs, nightclubs, restaurants and bars. We specifically like insuring nightclubs because we understand the nature of the beast and have positioned ourselves with our expertise and markets to be able to offer these clubs the coverages that they need to protect their business, employees and, most importantly, their largest asset: their clients. We find that nightclub owners are very astute business executives and have great organizational structures, which makes working with them that much easier.”


What Insurance Areas Do Clubs Overlook?

“Right now, their emphasis needs to be on assault/battery and liquor liability, as all the clubs are getting killed with claims. This has caused a huge trickledown effect throughout the hospitality insurance marketplace, causing premiums to increase for all hospitality related establishments. We have many products and solutions to help combat/offset these increases.”


Why Hospitality Insurance Agency Should Get the Call:

“In terms of insurance agencies, Hospitality Insurance Agency is like the Mayo Clinic: we are the specialists. Other insurance agencies may provide general coverage, but our strength, our specialty, is providing quality, tailored coverage specifically for the hospitality industry.”


What makes Hospitality Insurance Agency different?

  • Hospitality Insurance Agency’s Loss Control Risk Management Training Program through Nightclub Security Consultants, which upon successful completion we are able to offer a considerable premium savings of 10% to 25%.
  • Hospitality Insurance Agency’s strength in numbers having MILLIONS of hospitality premiums on the books.
  • Hospitality Insurance Agency’s longstanding professional relationships with our carriers.
  • Hospitality Insurance Agency’s ability to offer a PEO Program or a standard Workers Compensation policy.


Industry Involvement

Nightclub and Bar exhibitor, Gentlemen’s Club EXPO exhibitor; member of the Hospitality Business Exchange; Sin City Chamber of Commerce; Florida Restaurant and Lodging


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