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We’ve saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars since opening our doors. Our average client saves thousands on their insurance policy. As you can probably imagine, these customers are pretty passionate about the insurance savings we’ve helped them find. Here are just a few testimonials from customers in various areas of the hospitality industry.


“To all Restaurant & Nightclub Owners:

Exceptional Service and Solutions, is what comes to mind when I think of Hospitality Insurance Agency. Hospitality Insurance Agency came highly recommended by an industry colleague and we are definitely glad that we opened our books to them. Our establishment is a diversified venue as we are a fine dining/sushi restaurant early in the evenings, and then we transform ourselves on the weekends into an ultra lounge/nightclub. What impressed us the most about Hospitality Insurance Agency is that prior to engaging with them, we were insured through the excess and surplus markets (as I am sure most nightclubs are), but Hospitality Insurance Agency was able to secure our new insurance coverage with a standard admitted carrier which offered higher liability limits as well as a lower premiums (and no taxes and fees). In addition to the above Hospitality Insurance Agency was able to offer us a pay-as-you-go Worker’s Compensation plan with higher liability limits as well as a lower premiums (and no taxes and fees).

As for service, Hospitality Insurance Agency is incredibly responsive. They can turn around a certificate of insurance in minutes, always have someone knowledgeable and dedicated whenever I have a question or need in regards to our insurance program.

Hospitality Insurance Agency also offers some really unique services as we recently implemented their Employee/Security Training Program which was a hit with our staff, managers and customers. With this program we received on-site training for all of our staff, a detailed training manual, and a Risk Management and Loss Control Manual which included helpful information as well as incident report forms. To top it all off they will even run pre-hire background screening checks on-any potential new hires.

I would again like to express how incredibly pleased we are with our partnership with Hospitality Insurance Agency. I would highly recommend that any and all hospitality related businesses engage with Hospitality Insurance Agency to be their trusted insurance professionals.”


“To all Lounge, Tavern and Upscale Bar Owners:

We first learned about Hospitality Insurance Agency from the Las Vegas Night Club & Bar Show a few years back. After meeting with them at the convention, we decided to call them to receive a competitive insurance quote for our business. During their thorough review process, they discovered that we were not properly covered and were also able to offer us an overall better insurance program with economic savings that dropped straight to our bottom line.

Hospitality Insurance Agency has been very hands-on in regards to our annual insurance sales audits, as well as any of the usual carrier inspections. Hospitality Insurance Agency even went above and beyond and offered us an Employee/Security Training Program which saved us an additional 15% on our annual liability insurance premium.

They have so many products and services that they were even able to take us from the California State Workman’s Comp Fund and place us in a standard program with a national carrier, which offered us a lower rate and substantial savings on our Workman’s Comp premiums. In addition, this year they were also able to offer us a “non-auditable” general liability policy, which if you are a Controller, CFO, or Owner, is a gift that keeps on giving!!!

I have been working with Hospitality Insurance Agency for the past three years and I am proud to endorse and recommend them to any Controller or CFO, as they simply make life easier, as well as I have the reassurance that our group is in the best hands of a truly trusted insurance advisor.”



“To My Fellow Hoteliers:

As the Vice President of a company who owns hotels, apartments, and land, I am proud to be doing business with Hospitality Insurance Agency. In the past year and a half, we have moved all of our properties from an already existing hotel specialty agency to Hospitality Insurance Agency. I wanted to share with you the short list of why we moved to Hospitality Insurance Agency:

  • Hospitality Insurance Agency was able to get us reorganized and put our multiple policies per location with one carrier, one pay plan and that saved us money.
  • Hospitality Insurance Agency assisted and educated us on the inner workings of how insurance carriers Worker’s Compensation and Sales audits work.
  • Hospitality Insurance Agency was able to bring industry knowledge to the table regarding EPLI coverage, Worker’s Compensation, our internal restaurant/bars/nightclubs, and Commercial Umbrella coverages.
  • Hospitality Insurance Agency was also able to offer alternative solutions through their PEO program which offers the combined service of Payroll, Workers Compensation, HR, Health Insurance, and EPLI.
  • We love the fact that they have both East and West Coast offices and are available 24/7.
  • Hospitality Insurance Agency is also fully involved with all insurance inspections, audits, and claims handling.
  • And best of all, Hospitality Insurance Agency was able to save us money on EVERY policy they replaced!

Our management team has found the superior knowledge and service that Hospitality Insurance Agency brings to the table is beyond compare. We definitely sleep better at night knowing that Hospitality Insurance Agency has us covered and we are happy to recommend them to our fellow Hoteliers!”



“To Whom It May Concern:

I am genuinely excited to be writing this letter to share with my industry colleagues about the truly outstanding service and savings that my Gentlemen’s Club has received by hiring Hospitality Insurance Agency. Pike and his team were referred to us through Frank & Dave of Continental Agency/A-List Features and we can’t thank them enough for introducing these insurance specialists!

First and foremost, when Pike became our Trusted Insurance Advisor four years ago, he immediately recommended that we cancel our current policy through Indemnity Insurance Company, RRG, and move to what he called a “real insurance company” that was AM Best rated A-XV. He easily convinced us with his facts, and once he reviewed what our current agent had done, he was able to reallocate and reassign our sales which ended up saving us $46,000 on that year’s liability policy.

In addition to the pure cash savings on our insurance premiums, HIA was also able to offer an ADDITIONAL savings of over $39,000 through their PEO Division, A-1 Contract Staffing. A-1 now handles our payroll, workers’ compensation, human resources, employee benefits, and employers’ practice liability. Pike and Doug from A-1 have been amazing professionals to work with and make the hard part of workers’ compensation and payroll easy!

Then again, like many clubs, some past claims had appeared on our loss runs reports and we were in a pickle as Scottsdale Insurance wanted to increase our premium by $100,000. Pike advised if we completed his Loss Control/ Risk Management Training through Nightclub Security Consultants that we would be able to receive a substantial premium discount. Again I could not believe that a two-day training could possibly save me $50,000 on my insurance. On top of this, we actually had the owner of Nightclub Security Consultants, Robert Smith, facilitate our training which I must admit hands down was the BEST industry security and liquor training that I have ever seen!

We run a five club establishment with over 500 employees and we are proud to say that we have an insurance agent of this caliber on our TEAM!”


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